Ab Zone Flex
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Product Description
Sit Up Exercise Pitt and firmware are safe and effective ways to treat Abdominal Exerciser Ab Zone Flex that muscle belly.To flat abdomen Compact and fast And can reduce the proportions both sides push forward on the lower part.
Including the thighs and rear.
Ab Zone Flex exercise machine is specially designed. Neck and back support as well as the outcome of power management winding.
Spring force and power management duo seat up to 180 degrees shifted by the administration. Make a winding up. To belly flat.
And strengthen muscles quickly. How you managed just 5 minutes a day.
Chest exercise machine Ab Zone Flex can support weights up to 120 kg.
1 - Cardon size: 71 * 20 * 39 cm.
2 - Porduct size: 67 * 37 * 70 cm.
3 - NW / GW: 7/8KGS.